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Slab sawing is common practice when a large, horizontal area of concrete needs to be cut. A slab saw is large and powerful, making it the perfect tool to cover large areas in a short amount of time. The slab sawing technique is used to create a hole in existing concrete for the purpose of installing a staircase, removing damaged concrete, or expanding a joint.

Ashton is capable of performing all slab sawing applications, and we can meet any specifications for multiple industries. We can cut depths of up to 33″ in various locations, both inside and out of a building, facility, or structure.

Don’t worry about clean-up when you work with Ashton. Slurry vacuuming is included on every project to keep your jobsite clean and ready for the next phase.

slab sawing


  • High Rise office buildings
  • Rooftops
  • Soft cut
  • Green saw
  • Plumbing and electrical trenches
  • Roadways

Tool Shop

Ashton keeps various slab saw types and will adjust equipment to job site specifications. For example, Ashton’s shop houses:

Electric Saws

Ashton is prepared to safely complete indoor projects where there is limited ventilation. We have expertise in highly-technical projects such as interior plumbing and electrical trench cutting. To conduct these jobs safely, we use electric saws with decreased exhaust to maintain clean air circulation and meet OSHA regulations.

Diesel Saws

Ashton has two types of Diesel saws – Husqvarnas for depths up to 18” and Ryders for depths of up to 33”. Each saw is gas-powered for greater maneuverability on outdoor job sites.

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