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Decorative sawing, better known as deco sawing, is the process of sawing a pattern into a concrete floor. This process can create several designs and helps with cracking making the process as functional as it is eye-catching. This process is also a great way to conceal concrete floor joints that may otherwise be visible using only stain or polish.

Decorative Sawing Is Quite Versatile, It Can:

  • Use straight lines to give the appearance of other popular, but less durable, types of flooring such as tile, wood planks or marble joints
  • Use arcs, curves, circles, and diamond patterns for a more contemporary or artistic aesthetic
  • Act as a separation between acid stains when more than one color will be used in the floor design
polishing a floor

What Does Decorative Sawing Add to My Concrete Floor?

  • Depth
  • Texture
  • Interest
  • If desired, the appearance of more expensive flooring such as stone or marble

Adding decorative sawing to your floor staining project is a quick way to add character, with minimal effect on the timeline. We do recommend having the sawing completed by an Ashton expert who will guarantee a beautiful floor design.

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