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Ashton Sawing and Drilling employees have the expertise and the equipment to tackle the most precise and intricate concrete cutting jobs, large or small. Sometimes, site conditions and/or job limitations require the use of a handsaw instead of a larger saw. Hand saws come in many different forms, each with its own unique application. Ashton Sawing and Drilling has a variety of 14-16” hand saws in the shop, such as gas and electric double-cut saws, ring saws, and chain saws. These saws can cut depths of 5-10.5”, and your Ashton Sawing and Drilling hand sawing expert is trained on each to ensure the highest safety standards and help choose the right saw for the job.

hand sawing


  • Small cuts
  • Shallow depths
  • Curb removal
  • Sidewalks
  • Narrow access
  • Corner cuts/clean up
  • Concrete chipping

Tool Shop

You can find a variety of hand saws at Ashton Sawing and Drilling, including:

  • Hydraulic chain saw
  • High cycle chain saw
  • High cycle ring saw
  • Gas powered chain saw
  • Gas powered ring saw

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