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When you need a flooring surface that will protect your property and is a great investment for years to come you can trust our flooring experts to get the job done right.  We use only the highest quality materials and methods.

The polishing and coatings division has been a focus at Ashton for 6 years and, with Ashton’s 20 years of industry expertise to build on, has grown to one of the most reputable sources in the Gulf States for commercial and industrial flooring.

Ashton has experience in industries such as healthcare, transportation, manufacturing, small business, restaurant, and residential, to name a few.

Decorative Sawing
Floor Prep
Sports Coating Picture 2
Sports Coatings
Ashton Can Take Care of More Than Your Concrete Polishing and Coatings

We are available as a one-stop-shop for your concrete needs from sawing and drilling, to construction to finishes. Learn more about Ashton’s concrete sawing and drilling and placement.

Why Work With Ashton for All Your Concrete Needs?

One budget, one timeline, one contact

Make managing your concrete needs easier by reducing your number of contacts for job updates, timeline changes, etc. to one person. An Ashton expert will successfully manage your project from start to finish, will always be available to you and will be someone you like working with!

Reduced costs and shorter timelines

Managing all concrete needs in one place allows for cheaper and shorter transitions between jobsite phases.

Fewer jobsite hiccups

Managing all concrete needs in one place allows for better planning and a smoother transition between project phases. Your Ashton expert will anticipate changes and potential issues before they come up, allowing for smoother and more efficient conflict resolution.

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