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At Ashton Sawing and Drilling, we are only as good as our people. Get to know the highly-trained and experienced group that make up Ashton Sawing and Drilling’s management team.


Spencer Ashton

Founder and CEO

Spencer began his career in concrete cutting years before he started his company. As an operator, he quickly realized his exceptional skill for the craft, a passion for the industry, and a longing to give his clients a superior experience. With his passion for the work and entrepreneurial spirit, Ashton Sawing & Drilling was born in 2000 in Houston, TX. Spencer built his business on delivering quality work and great customer service, which allowed Ashton to grow quickly and organically.

Spencer’s knowledge of the business grew organically as well. His role developed from operator to dispatcher to sales and eventually CEO. By staying focused on Ashton’s reputation and culture, Spencer was able to hire the right people along the way. Having the right team taking care of clients allowed Spencer to focus on growing the business into new divisions of concrete services, placement and polishing, and new markets – Dallas, TX and, New Orleans, LA. Spencer’s superior reputation in the field and savvy for growing the business brought on larger clients in the industrial and commercial industries.

Spencer’s expertise in the craft of concrete cutting is still sought after but his focus on taking care of customers, solidifying a respected, reliable brand reputation, and strong company values are the true secrets to his success. Building a business that meets the growing needs of his customers has driven the implementation of processes that increase efficiency, new technology, an unmatched dispatch program, and a safety department. Even with exceptional growth over the last 20 years, Spencer is still very much involved in the day-to-day operations at Ashton, helping bid projects, walking job sites, and staying in-tune with company culture.


Jed Ashton


Jed’s experience as a financial maven began at Sam Houston State University, where he received a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a focus in Accounting and Finance. He spent the next 7 years building a mortgage company that grew to employ 40 loan officers. Before taking the CFO role at Ashton, Jed also spent 2 years as a business analyst, diving deep into the finances of over 30 businesses in various industries and implementing quality control measures. Roles as a mortgage lender entrepreneur and business analyst would ultimately give Jed the expertise to co-lead Ashton’s growth into an industry leader, as he spearheaded new divisions, new offices/markets, and new technology.

Jed began his journey as CFO at Ashton in 2009, when he made it a point to learn the industry and form relationships with clients that still stand today. Jed’s goal was to build efficiencies at Ashton in account management and billing that would improve the customer experience and give Ashton room to grow. Within the first few years, Ashton’s billing process was seamless, the capacity to take on new clients grew exponentially, and Jed was able to focus his financial expertise on securing Ashton’s place as one of the most reliable concrete service providers in the region. Jed’s goals for Ashton are to grow the business to provide more services and markets for clients while never losing sight of the importance of good customer service, a great company culture, and forward-thinking.


Karyn Ashton

Co-Founder and AP Manager

Karyn has over 20 years of experience in the construction industry and has been with Ashton since its beginning in 2000. She spearheaded Ashton’s account receivables and payables departments, implementing processes that ensure payments are in good standing, accurate, and on time. Much of Karyn’s attention to detail and timeliness is due to her passion for validating Ashton’s reliable brand reputation. Her dedication to being a good partner to other businesses and a good provider to Ashton’s clients pushes her to go above- and beyond the call of duty daily.

Not only is Karyn a co-founder and AP Manager, but she is also the heart of Ashton’s business. For 2 decades, Karyn has been relentless about customer service and company culture. She has a customer-first approach to doing business, ensuring the best interests of clients are in mind with every new process she implements. A true go-getter, when Karyn is not taking care of clients, she is relying on her strengths in organization and prioritization to make improvements to the business.


Jason Gonzales

Division Manager Houston, Sawing and Drilling

Jason has almost 20 years of construction industry experience in management. His extensive people and management skills help maximize the potential and efficiency of his teams. His true passion is career development, and he is relentless in cultivating the success of his individual team members. Jason has an associate degree from the Universal Technical Institute of Texas, Inc.


Rick Woods

Division Manager Dallas, Sawing and Drilling

Rick’s 12 years of experience with Ashton in the concrete cutting business, and many years in the oil field, have made him relentless in his work ethic. Years of long days, hands-on experience, and self-discipline resulted in a passion for getting the job done right and making customers happy. He knows the concrete industry inside and out. When Rick started in sales, he found his true passion in serving customers. He strives to put his customers first in everything that he does and always keeps his focus on the big picture.


Kaz Jones

Director of Operations

Kaz has over 10 years of heavy civil, structural, and utility construction management experience. He spent the majority of his career in project management at Beyer Construction, where he learned the fundamentals of managing project budgets, timelines, and operations. Kaz’s true expertise lies in driving improvements which result in savings and improved profit margins on projects as large as $20 million. He has a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from Texas A&M University.


Scott Buchanan

Houston Sales Manager, Sawing and Drilling

Scott has 8 years’ experience at Ashton estimating and project managing concrete sawing and drilling projects. His experience in Construction began much earlier when he started working as an Electrician’s assistant at the age of fourteen then working in the pre fab metal building business throughout high school and shortly after. Before Ashton, Scott spent 15 years at Pepsico in various Operations roles including management positions. Clients enjoy working with Scott because he is responsive, he takes care of customers’ needs in a timely manner, he is honest, and he is passionate about a job done right the first time.

Michael Schmunk

Michael Schmunk

Corporate Risk Manager and Safety Engineer

Michael is a 25-year veteran in the industry, having spent much of his career as an insurance agent and consultant before starting a safety department at Ashton eight years ago. During his career in insurance, Michael worked with construction companies as well as manufacturers specializing in risk management. His attention to detail, aptitude for assessing and preventing risk, and passion for protecting his colleagues and clients make Michael an asset to construction’s safety discipline. Michael is a certified OSHA 500 trainer and has a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Texas at Austin.


Derrick Daggett

Fleet Manager

Derrick is an eight-year Ashton veteran and has over 20 years of experience as a mechanic specializing in electrical diagnostics. Derrick’s electrical training and expertise in specialized equipment maintenance and repairs set him apart in the industry. Specifically, his training and experience in DXR demolition robot maintenance and repair are sought from around the world. As Fleet Manager, he enjoys thinking on his feet, training his team, and maintaining his extensive fleet of trucks and machinery to 100% efficiency. Derrick has a degree from Sam Houston State University.


Brandon Tucker

Dispatch Manager

Brandon has extensive experience in dispatch and logistics. His 10+-year career includes roles dispatching and managing dispatch teams for the trucking and construction industries. He has managed fleets of over 40 trucks and even larger teams across Canada, Mexico, and the U.S. Brandon’s strengths include his attention to detail and swift conflict resolution. Brandon is a decorated US Army Veteran who served as a Combat Medic in Iraq and has an associate degree from Kaplan University.

Roni Girts

Roni Girts

AR Manager

Bio coming soon!

Laura Moreno

Human Resources Manager

Laura Moreno has over 15 years of experience in the Construction Industry. She has a passion shaping The Ashton Way! The Ashton Way is the foundation of our unique culture which enables us to meet our goals as a whole and makes us perform well for the future. She manages Ashton Human Resources. She is the person to reach out to in regards: benefits, policies, onboarding, executing paperwork and any employees’ concerns. As a member of the Executive Team, she is responsible to stay up to date with State and Federal Regulations and construct a Positive Environment! Laura has an Associates of Arts in Accounting from Lone Star College.

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