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Wire sawing is a specialized technique used for jobs with tough conditions. A wire saw features multiple diamond cables passing through a system of pulleys to cut sections of concrete that cannot be cut with traditional saws. Wire saws are ideal for cutting large, thick concrete columns or beams in tight quarters, at high heights, or in dangerous conditions – such as being under water. Wire sawing is a specialty method chosen only if all other saws/methods have been ruled out. This method is very effective and has fewer limitations related to depth, speed, and jobsite accessibility.

Beyond being incredibly versatile, the wire saw has other benefits on the jobsite. A wire saw can function in extreme site conditions, has minimal impact on the environment, makes little noise, and is capable of cutting at various angles. Wire sawing is also a great choice when you are facing a tight deadline because it is one of the fastest techniques for large concrete cutting.


  • Columns
  • Circular cutouts
  • Bridges
  • Steel Rebar
  • Heavily-reinforced concrete
  • Pillars

Tool Shop

Ashton houses multiple wire saws by Husqvarna and Pentruder, but the most specialized piece of equipment in the shop is a Pentruder circular wire saw.

Circular Wire Saw
  • Wire sawing round cutouts instead of drilling opens new application possibilities
  • Suitable for horizontal and vertical cuts
  • Almost limitless cutout sizes

Wire Saw: Eufaula Dam Bridge Removal

Service: Wire Sawing
Project: Eufaula Dam Bridge Removal
Location: Eufaula, Oklahoma
Team: Ashton Dallas

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