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A concrete X-Ray scan is recommended before a demolition job begins so that important targets in the concrete, both horizontal and vertical, are located before a project begins. Targets are defined as changes in the concrete structure such as rebar, wire mesh, post tension cables, metal or pvc pipes, utilities, or voids. Substructures in, or adjacent to, the primary structure, such as grade beams, can also be detected.

The depth of penetration varies based on the makeup of the concrete you are assessing; ranges are from 0 to 10 inches. Factors that impact the quality and validity of a scan are the age and moisture level of the concrete being tested.

Failing to X-Ray concrete before a project begins can result in costly damages and delays. Using Ashton Sawing and Drilling as a one-stop-shop to X-Ray, demo and place your next concrete project will save you time and money accrued by using multiple vendors.


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Ashton Sawing and Drilling uses the most advance GPR on the market that can detect metallic and nonmetallic objects in real time.

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