Robotic Breaking

Our robotic demolition services are quick, safe, and can access any jobsite while providing minimal disruption. No matter what demolition services you need—from assistance with demolition of bridges to interior demolition of a confined space to maintenance at a metal processing facility—we can put our top-notch knowledge and experience to work for you.

Why We Use the DXR 300

The machine we use is the DXR 300. While it is smaller in size, it is extremely powerful.

  • The DXR 300 is unique in that it is especially effective in tough environments; even though it is compact, it can carry up to a 400 kilos workload.
  • With its fixed arm, the DXR 300 provides precise positioning.
  • Because the DXR 300 does not associate with diesel/propane motors, it is safe to use within occupied buildings.
  • The DXR 300 can fit through most doors, climb up stairs, move and over debris to reach your limited access site with ease.

Completing Your Demolition Project Quickly and Efficiently

Whether you need floors, ceiling, or wall slabs dismantled, our team and the DXR 300 are what you need behind you. We can even put our demolition skills to work in a hazardous environment! Our robotic breaking services can complete demolition projects–sometimes as much as 10 times faster–when compared with traditional methods. We can raze even the strongest concrete easily! For more information about our robotic breaking services, do not hesitate to contact us today at 936-445-2461! Call for a free estimate now!

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