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Ashton Sawing and Drilling’s Load and Haul Services

Ashton Sawing and Drilling provides concrete load and haul services in Texas and Louisiana. After our concrete specialists successfully break and remove concrete at your jobsite, let us load and dispose of it for you. Ashton Sawing and Drilling has the equipment and manpower necessary to clean up broken concrete quickly and efficiently so that you can move on to the next phase of work. Our team has successfully tackled load-and-haul projects at large outdoor jobsites as well as sites with challenging conditions such as elevated projects and tight access. As one of the Gulf States’ largest concrete service providers, we proudly offer comprehensive concrete services to commercial and industrial clients.




Exceptional Concrete Breaking & Hauling Services

Ashton Sawing and Drilling has the region’s largest and most versatile fleet of equipment to load and haul concrete away from your jobsite. We have bobcats, dump trucks, and excavators to quickly clean up broken concrete and dispose of it. Our team effectively breaks up and removes large pieces of concrete with our vehicles, drop hammers, and hydraulic breaking tools.




Environmentally Friendly & Safe Concrete Disposal

We believe in environmentally friendly disposal of concrete projects. All concrete removed from a jobsite is taken to a designated concrete recycling center in the area. We put safety first during the loading and hauling of your concrete. We always wear steel-toe boots, eye protection, sturdy gloves, and hard hats when handling concrete. Our team does our part to safely and effectively remove and dispose of your concrete.




load and haul

Load and Haul Examples

Our team can successfully load and haul any size concrete project. The most common types of load and hauls we perform include:

  • Construction and demolition piles of concrete
  • Remnants of damaged buildings
  • Concrete stairs
  • Cracked concrete piles
  • Unwanted concrete slabs




Why Choose Us for Hauling & Loading?

Ashton Sawing and Drilling is proud of our work ethic that doesn’t stop at the end of concrete pouring and placement. Instead of hiring multiple partners at the expense of your timeline and budget, choose Ashton Sawing and Drilling as your one-stop shop for concrete cutting, demolition, removal, and placement. When Ashton Sawing and Drilling completes multiple phases of a project, we can plan for efficiencies to save you time and money. Our specialized team walks beside you, from the initial concrete design to concrete load and haul services. We’re committed to customer satisfaction. Your concrete project should look fresh and new without any debris. Our team prioritizes our crew and clients. You can expect a professional, safe, and friendly working environment. Ashton Sawing and Drilling is committed to offering our customers the highest quality customer service and concrete work.




Contact Ashton Sawing and Drilling for Concrete Load & Haul Services

Don’t try to handle the heavy lifting and hauling yourself. Let our professionals at Ashton Sawing and Drilling use our industrial-grade equipment and vehicles to load and haul your leftover concrete successfully. We provide comprehensive concrete services in Texas, Louisiana, and nationwide. We’re happy to serve all your concrete needs. Contact us  to speak with a team member about our concrete load and haul services!


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