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Construction worker cutting Asphalt paving for sidewalk

Ashton Sawing and Drilling: Concrete Cutting

Techniques Used by Concrete Cutting Contractors

Concrete sawing and cutting is a very precise, controlled process that must be done correctly in order to ensure safe, accurate results. Without the proper tools and methods for each procedure, you run the risk of damaging the surrounding structures, or creating a concrete form or surface that isn’t structurally sound. Skilled concrete drilling companies use professional, specialized saws to cut concrete precisely and accurately. At Ashton Sawing and Drilling, we have decades of industry experience in concrete cutting and sawing throughout the Gulf States. We keep up on the latest industry standards and technological advancements in concrete sawing and cutting techniques, so we can offer our clients the safest, most reliable, and most efficient services in concrete sawing and concrete cutting.

Common Concrete Sawing and Cutting Techniques

The concrete sawing technique used depends on a variety of factors, including the temperature, age, mix, and moisture level of the concrete. Here are a few reliable concrete sawing techniques:

  • Dry sawing – for outdoor projects only, as it creates a lot of dust. Uses a diamond blade to improve precision and minimize dust.
  • Wet sawing – environmentally friendly and causes less dust. The cutting blade remains cool due to water flow, and less harmful dust is released.
  • Wall sawing – used to create openings for doors, windows, and duct work. It can also be used in the demolition of buildings, bridges, and dams. The saws can be operated by people, or remotely.
  • Slab sawing – used on floors or streets with a self-propelled saw. Used to install, inspect, or replace plumbing or electrical pipes underneath the floor or streets. Can also be used for removal or placement of new pavement.
  • Brokk Demolition – used for high-performance demolition in difficult to reach, confined, or dangerous spaces. Eliminates harmful vibrations and fumes.
  • Core drilling – concrete core drilling creates cylindrical holes in concrete for testing, removal, or pressure testing.
  • Wire sawing – uses a diamond wire saw to cut and remove large pieces of concrete.
  • Concrete scanning – ground-penetrating radar is used to analyze depth and width within concrete structures prior to coring, cutting, drilling, or excavating.

Ashton Sawing and Drilling Services

At Ashton Sawing and Drilling, we stay on top of industry standards and technological advancements in concrete drilling and sawing so we can ensure we’re offering our clients the best services available. Our experienced team of concrete specialists have decades of hands-on education and training in using the safest, most reliable, and most effective methods for concrete drilling and sawing, and know exactly what equipment, methods, and techniques to use to get the job done with minimal damage, dust, or disruption. Click on the services below to learn more about what we offer our clients:

Our Experience and Qualifications

At Ashton Sawing and Drilling, our reliability, exceptional customer service, and decades of industry experience have made us an industry leader throughout the Gulf States. We specialize in offering quick service without sacrificing safety or quality, and we have become a one-stop shop for anyone looking for an extensive range of concrete services from one experienced company. Our highly skilled team of concrete professionals were chosen for their commitment to our key values: safety, reliability, efficiency, industry knowledge, and customer service.

Contact Us Today to Learn More

If you’re ready to learn more about our concrete sawing and cutting services and techniques, just call us today to speak to an experienced member of our team. We specialize in quality, reliable, and efficient commercial concrete services throughout the Gulf States, including concrete sawing, wire/wall sawing, core drilling, concrete placement, concrete breaking and removal, robotic demolition, and concrete polishing, coatings, and floor prep. We’ve been in business for 20 years and pride ourselves on treating our clients like family. No job is too big or too small for us to provide an estimate – just call us today or contact us online to get started.