Floor Preparation

Floor prep is done by grinding whatever is on the surface to expose the concrete for other flooring applications. Most commonly we are called to remove glue and grout. Our dustless removal machines will grind off any material and leave you with a clean surface. We can also flatten the floor if needed. Please give us a call for a quote on your next job.

Concrete Polishing

Ashton Sawing and Drilling uses an 8 step process to grind and polish a concrete floor. First, we use a series of diamond heads to grind and flatten the floor. Second, we grout and densify (seal) the floor. Next, is the polishing phase where we use a progression of resin pads to make the surface smooth. Depending on the preferred application we can give the floor a semi-gloss up to a mirror sheen. Finally, we burnish the floor which removes any excess material. A polished floor has a 10 year manufacture’s warranty. Our polished floors are stain resistant, wear resistant and perfect for high traffic areas. Some of the projects we have completed include; warehouses, restaurants, offices, and retail stores. NOTE: Concrete floor polishing is not a cheap alternative to other flooring options. Please give us a call for a quote on your next job.

For more information about our Floor Preparation and Concrete Polishing services, please visit our website at www.ashtonpolishing.com

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